Hi everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the holidays! I am! We had a lovely few days away in Amsterdam, and I am going to be in Galway now for the two weeks. Tom isn’t too happy about me taking Sonny away for two weeks but he needs a break from the city too! The weather is great and I am getting lots of beach walks with the dogs in. I have nothing else planned really, just lunches with family and friends, and lots of relaxing.

I am holding a seminar in Galway next week. There was a great response to having one in Dublin, but unfortunately the venue isn’t available until the end of April or May, so I will try have one around then.

Usually in seminars I plan way too much and don’t get time to cover everything. This time I will make them more focused, so this seminar will be on writing lesson plans, teaching by theme, reflective teaching and classroom management. I will also be covering the same topics but on the dip, so there is an overlap.

As always, there will be lots of raffles and prizes, and Folens have offered copies of their brand new 2016 planner which I cannot wait to have a look at!

Thank you to everyone who gave such kind feedback on the last seminar, I really appreciate it and makes it much easier for me to do more, knowing that you enjoy them!


Date: 29th of March (this day week!)

Time: 10am – 1pm

Location:Salerno Suite Salthill Hotel

Price: 12 euro


Giveaway Prizes:

Samples of books for various classes

Story books

TP Survival Kit Boxes (everything you need for TP!)

A wide variety of Prim-Ed resources

TP Thematic Teaching Packs (downloadable lesson plans)

Brand new 2016 Folens planners!


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