May 20, 2020

SAFESHIELD for Schools

I was appraoched during the week by Smurfit Kappa to help spread the word about these Safe Shields, which may be very useful to have in place in schools from September. It is essentially a cardboard shield to help children keep their social distance. These would be very useful in small or cramped classrooms, as many classrooms up and down the country are!

The Safe Shield is lightweight, rigid, robust and simple to assemble. The Covid-19 virus survives 24 hours on cardboard, versus 2-3 days on plastic and metal which makes it both a safer and more affordable option.

SAFESHIELD is Green School friendly, as they are produced from sustainable sources (FSC certified) and are 100% recyclable. So, they have been something else in the past and will go on to be something else in future!

SAFESHIELD is designed and supplied by Smurfit Kappa Display, who produce a variety of cardboard structures and products, including a SAFE RANGE of Covid-19 posters, stands, sanitizing stations  and other materials.

The diagram below shows how these will work. Hopefully they won't be necessary for too long, but they are an option for schools. If you contact Smurfit Kappa I believe they will send a sample to your school. I will attach a video to my facebook page so you can see exactly how it works!


You can contact Robert if you have any queries here :

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