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PE Warm Up Games

1 Mirroring Choose one partner to start doing various motions. They can kick, move their harms, spin around, or do any other motions. The child’s partner will try to mirror their motions. You can set a time limit and when the time is up, the partners can trade places...

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Country Study-China

Country Study as a theme- China   Studying countries thematically is a good way to ensure linkage and integration when teaching. The Chinese New Year is this month so I thought China would be a good example for some ideas to teach thematically. English: Reading:...

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Homework in the Senior Classes

Homework! A much debated topic among teachers and children. How much homework do you give? Here's my homework strategy:   Maths: Last year, I used Mental Maths for homework.It is an excellent book but I think it is better suited to the classroom. I now give the...

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13 things a principal wants in a teacher, by a principal.

Hello everyone. I recently asked Simon Lewis, principal of Carlow Educate Together , and author of and, for advice on what a principal looks for in an applicant when interviewing for jobs. I received some excellent advice, and Simon has been kind...

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Vikings Theme with 5th and 6th

English: Writing:Diary entry from viewpoint of a Viking invading Ireland, what did they think of Ireland? Which monastery did they invade, what did they steal etc. Reading: comprehension piece on the Vikings and answering questions. ( ideas on website linked below) Mr...

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Probation Advice

Hello everyone, We spoke a lot about probation/DIP year during my three seminars this summer. I have typed below some more advice and tips I have thought of/discovered on-line. Try your best to stay calm regarding the DIP. You are a teacher now, not a student and you...

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