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Fun Initiatives for Teaching

There are a number of initiatives you can take part in as a teacher and the benefits are many. First, though there is a small amount of paperwork involved, it actually helps with your planning, gives you ideas, structure and makes it more meaningful for your students....

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Primary School Interview Questions 2019 Ireland

Hi everyone, I have a few interview questions posts on my blog but my most recent one was 2016 so I thought it time to do a more updated one! Tell us about your teaching career to date. Have you any special interests? What special qualities could you bring to the...

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The Butterfly Lion By Michael Morpurgo

This is the latest Morpurgo novel I am reading with my third and fourth class and we are enjoying it. We read Kensuke's Kingdom prior to this and it was more geared towards fourth class level, whereas The Butterfly Lion is more for third. It is based on a young boy...

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Third and Fourth Class Daily Routine

Hello everyone! I am finally back writing a blog post! Tom is putting Lara to bed so I have a night downstairs for the first time in months. I am beside myself with excitement and have tea and a variety of treats beside me, ah the excitement! I have had so many ideas...

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About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Valerie. I am a primary school teacher. I teach in a rural school in North Dublin. I hope you find my website a useful source of information and resources. Thanks for stopping by!

Múinteoir Valerie

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