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Balancing Teaching, Motherhood and Blogging!

Prior to having Lara and becoming a mother, I had very little balance in my life. I spent so much time on school stuff and my blog! It probably wasn't healthy and definitely not sustainable! I was so used to just having an idea pop into my head and sitting down on my...

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Applying for a Post Grad Information

Hello everyone! I had a lot of questions this evening about applying for Hibernia and other post grad courses. I will answer them here instead of on instagram as I prefer typing on a laptop than on my phone! The most important thing is to write an excellent...

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Let’s Talk Literacy Review!

Hello teachers! Another day, another review! I hope these are helping you decide on schemes- it is such a big commitment! English is my favourite subject to teach and literacy is my passion- so I decided to have a look at Let's Talk Literacy today. So, the details are...

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Supplementary Panel Explanation

I have had so many queries about the panel. I never had to use my panel rights as I got a permanent job before I actually had any panel rights as it was clear, but I found this information on the INTO website and the Education.ie page. The Supplementary Panel is used...

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Explore With Me – New SESE Programme by EDCO.

Explore with Me available from Junior Infants to Second Class is a new SESE programme by EDCO. EDCO asked me to review this new programme and after having first and second class for two years without any set SESE programme, I was interested to see what this involved....

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About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Valerie. I am a primary school teacher. I teach in a rural school in North Dublin. I hope you find my website a useful source of information and resources. Thanks for stopping by!

Múinteoir Valerie

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