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Thematic Unit Reviews!

Thematic Unit Reviews!

Hi guys Earlier this week, I asked student teachers to review my thematic unit for teaching practice. The pack basically contains seven weeks worth of lessons for teaching practice, so that's highly detailed daily lesson plans for each subject.The themes covered are...

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Eight things to do on Teaching Placement

Good morning everyone! I have had a lot of questions this week about teaching placement. Unfortunately I don't have time to respond to people individually, but Lara is asleep now so I will hopefully have enough time to get this post up! So if you are in the middle of...

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Long Term Plan Giveaway

Hi everyone! I can't believe we have only one week left in September.. You wont' feel it now until midterm! I am so delighted with the feedback on my new website and the support. So as a thank you, I am offering five people their termly plans for term one for free!...

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Back to School Clothes with Tesco

Today I left Lara with Tom and skipped merrily to the Tesco in Balbriggan. I saw a blogger share some nice tops from there so I went in for a look. I was only gone an hour but it felt like I was away from Lara for ages! So I was happy to get back to her again! I...

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Blogging Expenses for Tax Returns

I remember when I started selling products off my site three or four years ago, I got absolutely roasted on an education website which I shall not name. I suppose when something is relatively new it is treated with distrust, or some people fear change? Anyway, luckily...

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About me

Hi everyone!

My name is Valerie. I am a primary school teacher. I teach in a rural school in North Dublin. I hope you find my website a useful source of information and resources. Thanks for stopping by!

Múinteoir Valerie

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