Blogger Scandal 2018& A New Direction

January 16, 2018

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Have any of the ladies who read my blog been following the blogger scandal-gate of 2018?! It is SCANDALOUS! The soft part of me feels really sorry for them but on the other hand I am glad it has come out. I used to look at them and at times feel like ‘oh I wish I had hair like that’ (Before realising they all wear extensions) and I remember being baffled by how thin their legs were! Then when it came out that everything had been photo shopped I almost felt relieved! And I am a woman of considerable maturity in my late twenties. Imagine how a 15 year old girl would feel?

How does this relate to teaching blogs I hear you ask? Well it doesn’t really. I have clearly never photo shopped my photos thank goodness! I did experience a moment over Christmas however which made me think. Allow me to elaborate. Ordinarily I ALWAYS do my plans over the holidays to get them out of the way. I decided after this summer that that was a bit risky as school plans could change over the summer which would mean you would too have to change your termly plans. So, this Christmas I didn’t do my termly plans. I didn’t even bring my laptop home. Whenever I logged on to facebook I saw other teacher bloggers sharing their plans they had completed and I felt so anxious when I saw this, I felt so behind! So then I thought to myself ‘I wish I didn’t know they had their plans done and I’d feel fine’. So, to cut a long story short, I have always shared my ideas and plans in a bid to help other teachers but if at any time it annoyed you if you didn’t have yours done then I apologise because I know how that feels now!

I also would like to aspire to a more meaningful blog this year. Sharing displays is all very well and good but again has it become a case of one-upmanship? My aim this year is simply to help other teachers so if you have any ideas on how I can, then just send me a PM.


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