5th and 6th Class Hessian

The above are samples of an art activity I did on teaching practice. The object was to express your personality on a wall-hanging made from hessian. This was really fun, but lots of children found it quite difficult to weave the wool through the fabric. Once they got through this stumbling block they really enjoyed it though. 

It is a relatively cheap art activity to carry out. I got enough hessian for 15 plus children for 6 euro. The children also used pastels on the hessian. The wool and pieces of fabric are good value, and most may have these at home. The only slightly pricey aspect was the needles. The prices varied hugely. I ended up buying them from Powell’s in Galway. I paid 3.99 for 12 needles. They go up to seven or eight euro in some places so just be cúramach!

This activity kept the children occupied and on task for an hour and a half, so I would recommend it. It was one of my favourite art activities thus far! [pb_builder]

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