Baking Bread

January 28, 2014

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Hi everyone!

Here’s another active lesson we did this week. The children were working hard all morning, so come one o’clock we were all ready for a bit of fun!
So, off we went to the kitchen to bake our bread. We are doing the Farm theme this week. Yesterday we learned about farming long ago in history and the type of food farmers produced. We learned about wheat
and bread making.The next natural step was to make our own ‘old fashioned’ bread to see how it tastes.

We used the school kitchen. I set up a table with the ingredients and the children sat around in a circle.
I allowed each child to have a turn making the bread. The first child added the flour, another the egg, another the bread soda etc.I didn’t lift a finger with this piece of baking, they did it all themselves!The part they enjoyed most was the kneading. They really made a great job of it, I was most impressed. There were only 13 children so they all had a job in the bread making. When we were satisfied that it was fully kneaded, we popped it in the oven for thirty minutes.

Here are the ingredients:

2 cups of wholemeal flour
2 cups of self raising flour
pinch of salt
pinch of bread soda
1 egg

We went out for PE while waiting for it to cool down. It was great to come in from the cold outside to a freshly baked still warm loaf of bread!

High point of lesson: Watching the children eat the bread!
Low point: It was hard to keep all children engaged. They tended to get distracted when other children were having their turns. In future I would have two or three baking tables on the go to ensure they are all busy all the time. I think they may have been a little bit bored waiting for their turn.


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