Drama Warm Ups and Circle Games from Primary Resources

January 5, 2019

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Circle Games
The Wind Blows
This is a good game for mixing up cliques and a variation of fruit bowl which you already
know. Put chairs in a circle. Turn one chair to face out. Choose someone to stand in the
middle. They (or you) can call:
“ The wind blows for………..
everyone wearing a watch
everyone who supports Arsenal
everyone who can swim a length
everyone who had breakfast today
everyone who likes ice cream etc…
If the statement applies to a pupil, they must get up and change places. The caller finds
a seat. The last pupil left standing, becomes the new caller. No one an change places with
the person sitting next to them.

Fruit Bowl
As above but every one is a fruit e.g. apple, pear, banana. When you call that fruit, the
person standing tries to find a seat. Call Fruit Bowl for all to change.

Catch a Story
Have a ball or (better) a beanbag. Begin a story. Throw it to the person who must
continue the story. This is better than dragging around the circle and shy people can get
rid of the story after only one word.
A variation on this is “fortunately, unfortunately”. Each person must add a sentence,
changing the sentence of the main character. E.g.
Unfortunately the plane’s engines failed.
Fortunately the pilot had a parachute.
Unfortunately the parachute would not open.
Fortunately their was a haystack underneath. Etc.

Pupils build up a storm by joining in teacher led sound effects one by one. It builds to a
crescendo and dies down to silence.
It was still and quiet.
A gentle breeze was heard. (Teacher rubs hands together. children to her right
gradually join in.)
The breeze grew louder. (Rub more vigorously)
A patter of rain was heard. (tap hands on palms)
It began to thunder. (Stamp feet)
This is reversed, dropping one noise at a time until all is quiet.

Zoom Eek
A Zoom (car) is passed around the circle. Anyone can stop it and reverse it by shouting
“EEK!” It must then change direction. No one can say “EEK” more than once. If you are
feeling very strong, you can send two cars in opposite directions but that takes a lot of

Change the Action
The pupils must copy your PREVIOUS action every time you shout change, so:
Teacher claps hands. Pupils sit still. Teacher shouts CHANGE and begins to pat her
knees. Pupils begin to clap their hands.
Teacher shouts CHANGE again and begins to click her fingers. Pupils now pat their

Master Master, Who Am I?
You need a blindfold for this one. Blindfold a volunteer. A pupil selected by you must
approach them quietly, disguise their voice and ask Master Master, Who Am I? If the
volunteer guesses correctly, they get another go. If they are wrong, the successful
“voice” gets a turn.

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