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August 22, 2017

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I decided last week to do one more summer course. I have lots of family events coming up this year so I need all the EPV days I can get. I have now completed three online summer courses. Anokha Learning was a new one for me, I only discovered it via a review on Irish Primary Teacher’s page. It captured my interest so I looked into it and decided to study the course ‘Eat Wise for a Healthy, Happy Classroom’.

It was a lovely change from the drudgery and heaviness of my last two courses. I chose the other two courses based on areas I feel I need to work on, but this course was more something I would be interested in and enjoy.

There is so much emphasis on healthy eating nowadays, which is excellent of course ; but it does make you feel guilty for eating anything nice when you log on to Instagram and see pictures of Ireland’s latest ‘fitfam’! I was really curious to see how this course would scale nutrition back to basics for children to understand.  I was pleasantly suprised. The course taught me how to teach about nutrition in a way that children can relate to and understand. I was provided with imaginative and creative ways to promote and support nutrition and health, involving games, ICT, real world examples, real life practical recipes and tools. I have a folder full of the resources from this course, with excellent printables and posters which I cannot wait to use in SPHE and throughout the school year.

I actually learned a lot about nutrition which will benefit me as well as my class!

 Here are the course aims:

Discover the simple facts of how a good, balanced diet can benefit and enhance both the teacher’s life and that of the children. Learn how to integrate healthy eating information into SPHE lessons. The course will provide engaging and creative ways to demonstrate and understand nutrition.

Explore how to give children the opportunity to learn how they can make their own choices in nutrition, boosting their energy, concentration, growth, development and mood.

Research indicates that childrens’ nutrition has deteriorated dramatically in one generation, a key aim is to rebalance that decline starting in school.

Learning Outcomes


Understand the main food groups needed for optimal child growth and development.

Practical guides for individual portion control.

Understanding of a balanced diet that incorporates variety and the effect of hydration on well-being and behaviour.

Examples of good hydration methods to apply to the classroom.

Demonstrate simple healthy meal plate.

Summer Course Module 2

Know the difference between products and produce.

Why the 5 a day rule applies.

Explore the eat a rainbow concept.

Understand and demonstrate food pyramids and what should be on a balanced plate of food.

Learn to efficiently read and interpret a food label and bring this skill to a child’s level.

Summer Course Module 3

Identify the main conditions that children are diagnosed with and how they relate to learning abilities.

Identify the effects of particular foods.

Knowledge and understanding of special diets.

Understanding and identification of inflammatory foods and their attributes.

Good mood food, how food relates to energy and concentration and how to make healthy food swaps.

Learn about mindful eating and how to bring it to the classroom.

Summer Course Module 4

Identify what influences food choices.

Nutritionally assess food choices found in the classroom in an inclusive and supportive way. Understanding of branding terminology e.g. low fat, sugar-free.

Debunking myths about healthy eating.

Demonstration of affordable healthy food options, simple recipes, tasty food.

Summer Course Module 5

Teach a range of ways to involve the class in their food choices.

Simple games to demonstrate a healthy food plate/lunchbox.

Practical, interactive methods to understand the food groups.

Ways children can work in groups to make healthy choices.

Guide to assess the individual needs of a class and involve children that might have an issue with food.

I feel inspired after this course to run an after school club based on what I have learned. Each year we do six weeks of an extra curricular activity after school and I think this will be my one- a nutritional club!

That is a lot of information isn’t it! It was delivered in such a way thought that it didn’t seem too long and I flew through it because I was enjoying the content. I will definitely do a summer course with Anokha next summer, I only wish I had discovered them earlier because I would have done another one!

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