Eight things to do on Teaching Placement

October 13, 2018

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Good morning everyone!

I have had a lot of questions this week about teaching placement. Unfortunately I don’t have time to respond to people individually, but Lara is asleep now so I will hopefully have enough time to get this post up!

So if you are in the middle of TP, well done. I am sure you are doing a great job. I hope you can carve out some time for yourself this weekend, try not to spend all your free time planning or you will burn out.

Here are some tips I thought may be useful.


  1. Try integrate and link all your lessons if possible. Inspectors usually stay for two lessons so it is important that they link and fall under the same theme.
  2. Pick themes with lots of resources , videos etc available on line.
  3. Ask lower and higher order questioning throughout the lesson.
  4. Always try draw attention to your behaviour management scheme during the lesson, e.g. giving a child a dojo point for good behaviour.
  5. Draw attention to any posters or resources you have on the wall during the lesson so the inspector knows it is your display.
  6. Don’t be afraid to correct a child in front of your inspector. I know for some reason student teachers think they shouldn’t do this but I don’t know why, it is an opportunity to show how your behaviour management skills, and it looks worse to ignore misbehaviour.
  7. Keep the lesson moving. Don’t give the children too long to write, because you are not showing your teaching skills then! For tp I would recommend ten minutes max of writing for the older classes and less for younger. Remember the inspector needs to see a strong introduction to the lesson, you teaching the lesson, and then a strong closure to the lesson.
  8. I would recommend using the teacher resource books as a guide definitely, they are great for helping you know how to pitch the lesson but I wouldn’t take the lesson from a resource book word for word. Try be creative!
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