Explore With Me – New SESE Programme by EDCO.

June 4, 2019

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Explore with Me available from Junior Infants to Second Class is a new SESE programme by EDCO. EDCO asked me to review this new programme and after having first and second class for two years without any set SESE programme, I was interested to see what this involved. I usually just gather SESE resources myself, but this programme is possibly one I would change my ways for! The teacher resource books are so so detailed and will make planning so easy, saving lots of time. Now that I have a little baby , I just can’t give making my own resources the amount of time I used to. I like how these books cover geography, history and science, so you are only buying one book. The books also come with a lovely Explorers copy where the children put all their SESE work. If I have the junior classes again I would definitely use this programme, I only wish it went up to the senior classes.


Explore with Me for Junior Infants and Senior Infants has the
following components:

  • Pupils’ Book
  • My Little Book of Posters (for use at home)
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Poster Flip Chart (10 posters per level)
  • Digital Resources

Explore with Me for First Class and Second Class has the
following components:

  • Pupils’ Book – Fascinating Facts appear regularly throughout, providing interesting and unusual facts which will appeal to children
  • Exploration Copy – designed for extension activities
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Six stand-alone Posters
  • Digital Resources


  • Explore with Me covers all strands of the SESE programme from Junior Infants to Second Class
  • History, Geography and Science are given equal attention in the programme, ensuring a balanced approach to the teaching of SESE
  • The programme is organised into ten themes at each class level; one theme is covered per month
  • A spiral approach is used whereby themes are revisited to allow for extensive engagement with each topic
  • Key SESE skills are targeted; the development of geographical, historical and scientific skills is a key feature of the programme
  • Opportunities are provided for integration between the SESE subjects and other curricular areas
  • Designing, making, investigating and experimenting are key features of science lessons; the programme ensures that hands-on, practical activities are undertaken
  • The programme is clearly laid out; each subject is colour-coded in the Pupils’ Book and the Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Colourful design, clear layout and a child-friendly font make the programme accessible to children of all abilities
  • Each of Little Explorer characters is associated with a particular subject to enable children to differentiate between subjects; Sparky is the Little Explorer for Science,
    Erin represents Geography and Fionn is linked to History

Teaching Materials


Explore with Me Teacher’s Resource Books provide a wide range of resource material to successfully teach and implement the SESE programme:

  • Yearly Plans, Curriculum Overview, Aistear Overview (Junior and Senior Infants),
    Monthly Plans, Individual Lesson Plans, Class Assessment Record, Photocopiable Masters (PCMs), Fortnightly Overviews
  • To facilitate planning, the yearly, monthly and fortnightly plans will be available in an editable format
  • Individual Lesson Plans cover the following:
    • Learning Outcomes
    • Differentiation
    • Skills
    • Assessment
    • Vocabulary
    • Extension Ideas
    • FYI (For Your Information)
    • Exploration Copy (First and Second Class)
    • Resources/Equipment
    • Integration
    • Lesson Outline
    • Key Questions (Think like a Scientist, Think like a Geographer, Think like an Historian)
  • Attractive photocopiable masters (PCMs) are included and referenced within the
  • relevant lesson plan
  • An easy-to-use monthly Class Assessment Record can be used to monitor progress using the tick, dot, dash system
  • A KWL chart (First and Second Class) is available in both digital and photocopiable formats


  • Facilitate the introduction of the themes
  • Enhance lessons across the three subject areas and can be used in conjunction with the lesson plans or independently
  • There are 10 posters for Junior and Senior Infants and 6 posters for First and Second Class
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