Hello there everyone,
As you all know, the endurance test they called ‘Advanced teaching practice’ is OVER! It is the best feeling in the world. No longer am I stuck on my laptop all evening filling in evaluations and assessments. I do not miss the paper work at all! I do however miss teaching. I really do! I can’t wait to get back into a classroom. I have been offered three subbing days, all of which fall in the week I am going away so I couldn’t accept them. Talk about Murphy’s law! Oh well. I am still addicted to TPT, and I am currently putting together a St Patricks’s Day folder or resources. You never know when I might need it!

I know teaching practice is starting up again soon for some, so if you have any questions or anything just email me and I’ll try help to the best of my ability. To all you qualified and working teachers out there, enjoy mid-term!

For those of us who are qualifying next month, we have a special guest post coming soon about the steps involved in registering, applying for subbing and so on. I think it’ll be most helpful. Stay tuned!

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