Hello Summer Holidays!

June 24, 2014

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Hello everyone,
Sorry for not posting in so long and for not answering your queries. I was without broadband for a shocking ten days. Luckily we are reconnected now. So the end is nigh! Most schools break up this Thursday or Friday. I had my last day of subbing today and it was a great feeling! I have been subbing almost every day since April so I am most happy to see the holidays arrive. I find this time of year difficult as a sub, as the children are not really in the humour for work, and the nice weather doesn’t help either! I stayed away from books for the month of June and focused on active lessons instead, such as Sciene, Art, Drama and PE. So congratulations to all the teachers who made it through another school year!

I wish I could take a break from all things school related this summer, but alas it is not to be. These job applications are driving me bananas. I have been terribly laid back, applying for only a handful of jobs, whilst I see others have applied for 100 plus! That makes me feel terribly panicky and so I am starting afresh tomorrow. I have received one rejection letter too many today and it can be quite disheartening but we must persevere. I will also be, along with many of you, doing the July Provision this summer. I have lots of little ones for summer tuition, which I really really enjoy. I will be running Science/Art camps, and of course my weekend job in the bakery. It will be a busy summer!

Oh yes, another exciting development, I have opened a ‘store’ on the TeachersPayTeachers website. Just search Valerie King , or follow the link on my FB page. All of my digital stories are on it and I will be adding more resources in due course. The World Cup resource is now FREE.

I would love to know what other NQT’s have planned for the summer, school wise/ job wise! Do tell in the comment section!
Enjoy the holidays everyone!

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