Homework in the Senior Classes

October 13, 2015

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Homework! A much debated topic among teachers and children. How much homework do you give?

Here’s my homework strategy:


Maths: Last year, I used Mental Maths for homework.It is an excellent book but I think it is better suited to the classroom. I now give the children ten minutes to do Mental Maths in the morning. Instead, I give homework based on whatever topic we are learning about in school. I know some teachers give both, but I don’t. So for example, this week we are doing lines and angles in maths. On Monday, I gave the children a worksheet with the following questions:

  1. Draw a parallel, perpendicular, oblique, vertical and horizontal line.
  2. Draw an acute, obtuse, right, straight and reflex angles.
  3. Draw an angle of 80, 160, 75, 340 degrees.
  4. What is the missing angle in this triangle if two of the angles are 65, and 43 degrees respectively?


I also use the maths enrichment book which comes with the ‘Cracking Maths’ scheme, or just questions from their Cracking Maths text book.


English: English varies. I give a cloze procedure once a week. I use the Prim Ed cloze procedure disc and print them off that. They are challenging and the children really dislike doing them but I think one a week is really good practice for them! I also give writing.We have been doing recount writing for the last while, so their homework has been to edit, draft or write a recount.

Spellings: I was giving ten spellings a night and ten sentences based on the spellings, but I have recently lowered it to six spellings a night and six sentences. I may put it up again, not quite sure at the moment.


Gaeilge: I give a page of Irish reading a night, and an activity based on the reading two nights. The others days I usually give verb work, such as writing sentences using new verbs, or new vocabulary.

SESE: I don’t always give SESE homework. When we do projects (every second week) their homework is to research the project area, so last week it was France.


I do differentiate homework for some of my pupils, and they have a different system again.


Regarding copies, the class have two homework copies. So when I am correcting one set, they have the other. It works well for me and ensures I can keep up to date with corrections. If the homework is of a very high standard, I give a sticker. If a child reaches 20 stickers, he or she gets a homework pass.


That’s it! Not a lot but enough to let me see if they are keeping up with the teaching and learning in the classroom.


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