Learning Using Lego

March 3, 2018

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I am running a lego club in my school at the moment with two colleagues and the children love it. As a result I have loads of lego. LOADS! A few children in the class can’t attend lego club after school so I want to try incorporate using it into our learning somehow so they get time to play with the lego too. I did some research and here’s a few ideas I came across:


  1. Maths: make symmetrical shapes using lego piece.
  2. Maths- make patterns using lego pieces
  3. Maths- use lego to make numbers in tens and units form.
  4. Maths- fractions-make fractions using different coloured lego pieces
  5. Maths- data- make a bar chart using lego
  6. English- create spelling words using lego pieces
  7. Science- create a variety of tower structures and check which is the most stable
  8. Science- make a balloon powered lego car and see if it will move
  9. Science- make a structure using a given amount of lego blocks with your partner
  10. Science- using lego make a ramp and explore how different gradients affect speed


Some links to free lego resources:






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