Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well and looking forward to another week of school/subbing. I had my last day with the class I have been with for the past six and a half weeks on Friday. It was very hard to leave them, I had become very much attached! I always do, I suppose as a substitute teacher that is not a good idea! I have another week in the same school however, which is great. I have 2nd class, and I get to use story books and puppets again so it’s a nice change.
We had a little party on Friday to mark my last day. I gave each child a little certificate and prize. I ordered this merit certificate book from. http://www.prim-ed.com/  It has certificates for everything you can imagine, so there is something for everyone.
Here are some pictures:

The boys were delighted with them, and they were a cool, not easily impressed fourth class! There are over 130 reproducible copy masters, and they are in black and white which will save a fortune on ink. I coloured mine in myself, and Tom helped too. 😉
There are awards for English, maths, science, PE, the arts, good behaviour/effort, work habits, listening skills. Special awards and good work awards. I am so happy to have the merit certificate book, no more internet searching for me!
So, I plan to enjoy my last guaranteed week of school to the max, have a great week everyone!


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