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March 3, 2018

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Is there any nicer way to settle your class after yard time than by reading a story? It is ones of the simplest pleasures of teaching. And if done very efficiently, it can tick off a number of objectives from our lovely overloaded English curriculum.

So first off any book is a good book if read properly and with enthusiasm.

Here are some areas you can work on while reading aloud. Remember you can read aloud right up to 6th class just pick class appropriate material.

   llustrations & Text relationship- looking for clues in the illustrations, on the cover, prediction skills etc.
– Concepts of print
– Character traits
– Setting and story elements
– Making connections
– Problem & Solutions
– Cause and Effect
– Main idea/Theme
– Character changes
– Inferring
– Point of view
Pick new vocabulary from the book which you would like to teach your class:
  • Think about common and functional words
  • Explain the meaning with definitions and pictures.
  • Interact with the words (write/dictate sentences, draw picture, fill in the blank, compare, etc.)
  • Model and use repetition to practice words

Plan activities for before, during and after the story telling.


  • Identify title, author, illustrator.
  • Activate background knowledge.
  • Make predictions.


Question and answers

Discussion and sharing

Make connections

Focus on new vocabulary

Respond to text & make it interactive – e.g. think,, pair, share time, act it out, opinion (thumbs up/down), stop and draw, class discussion.




Share thoughts

Check predictions



Another lovely idea which I would love to do but we don’t is Reading Buddies. My sister’s school used to do it and it is so beneficial. I created a checklist for senior classes to use when doing reading buddies with the junior classes. I don’t know why seeing as we don’t do it but anyway, I have attached it as a free download here:


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