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June 4, 2014

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Hello everyone,
I am studying manically here for my interview tomorrow. I have been searching the web for questions, answers and ideas. I found these sample questions on the Educations Posts website and I decided to share them on my blog to help others.

Interview Questions: ( courtesy of Education Posts Website)
  Tell me about yourself
* Do you think the Irish language is dying?
* How long do you think the children should stay at their homework for?
* What would you do if an angry parent called to your door
* What sports can you offer?
* Do you work well in groups?
* how do you think you could work well with people who have many more years experience than you do?
* your favourite Teaching Practise
Tell us about your teaching career to date. (even if newly qualified)
Have you any special interests?
What special qualities could you bring to the school?
What is your view on discipline for the junior classes?
What would you do if you had a long-term disruptive child in a junior class?
What would you do with an unmotivated child whose parents were uninterested in their child’s school work?
What other staff members would you ask for help?
Why did you become a teacher?
What is your view on discipline?
What would you do with an aggressive fifth class boy who won’t do what he’s told? (first incidence)
What would you do if you suspected a child was being abused?
Do you see any disadvantages to working in a school that has a lot of teachers?
Where do you see yourself in five years?
What can you bring to the school?
What are the benefits of music education?
promotion of irish,
how id teach it, how id teach maths,
what my fave subject was and why,
how id deal with teaching a confirmatiion class,
my opinion of parental support,
planning adn preparation,
how id encourage children to go onto an irish secondary,
scealaiocht and filiocht
why i was interested in their school
Irish and its role in the curriculum today!
Emphasis on all strand units of reading, writing, oral and aural skills, all equally important but especially Gaeilge labhartha sa lá atá inniu ann
Also informal usage of the language and its benefits
1 What is the difference between teaching English and Irish?
2 What are the challenges of teaching Irish?
3.How would you teach Irish to a junior class?
4. How would you teach Irish to a senior class?
Tell us about your teaching experience
How do you feel about travelling between two schools
How will your experience apply to this position
How will you liason with secondary schools (for students who are graduating this year)
How do you feel about creating a time table for pulling out students
What brought you to and is keeping you in Ireland
Why did you choose teaching?
An bhfuil suim agat sa Ghaeilge?
An mbeadh tú muiníneach (confident) Gaeilge a múineadh sa seomra ranga?
Have you experience teaching fifth and sixth class grouped together?
How would you deal with an ADHD boy in fifth class who was continually disruptive?How would you deal with a problematic parent that wasn’t happy with your teaching?
How do you feel about teaching football and other games to boys?
What is your favourite curricular area?
How would you use this in the classroom?
Do you think everyone can sing? Which is better to teach – the tin whistle or the recorder?
What is your favourite subject?
What is your least favourite subject?
What about Gaeilge?o
Conas is féidir suim a spreagadh sa Ghaeilge?o
Cad é do thuairim faoi obair bhaile?o
Have you any experience in preparation for the sacraments?o
Would you be happy to take on a class preparing for first holy communion?o
What is your favourite class level? Why?o
What class would you choose if the principal gave you a choice?o
What would you do over the first few days of September with 4th class?o
How would you establish rules for the classroom and give an example of one.o
What are the differences in teaching from when you were attending primary school?o
What is the best way to learn – being taught something or discovering it yourself?o
How would you facilitate guided discovery?o
How would you use IT alongside other resources?
what i’d think about the idea of their being an adapted easier curriculum in these schools?
what do you think are the particular problems you’d be faced with working in a disadvantaged school?
dealing with challenging behaviour do you think your training prepared you for starting a job?
what do you think would be adequate prep to do before september if you got offered a position?
What class level I like teaching, and why
How to encourage children to speak more Irish at school
How important is planning and lesson preparation
What is the role of the board of management
General discipline
What can you do to enhance the reputation of the school?
what makes you different
parents role
irate parent
time in college
classroom mngt
working with sna
including children with special needs
school as part of parish
religion role in schools
challenges for 3rd class(was stumped!)
staff relations
parent comming in saying child was bullied
what makes you a special teacher
resources in class; realistic like in tp
favourite subject to teach
what makes you different
time in college
working with sna
including children with special needs
school as part of parish
religion role in schools
what makes you a special teacher

how would you promote tolerance,diversity and acceptance?
give an example of a homework task you would give?
what would your dream class room look like?
what are the 3 most important things to know about a child?
how would you promote creativity in the class room?

How do you deal with stress
do u see a role for msn or skype in the classroom
how would you deal with a personality clash on staff
sum up why you should get the job
what’s the biggest challenge facing teachers
how would you go about weekly planning for dip
have you ever brought a class swimming?
How would you encourage Irish to be spoken in yard
what exactly did u learn in diploma in religion?
How would you manage discipline in a classroom?
What do you think of the Alive-O curriculum?
How would you deal with bullying?
How would you promote healthy eating?
How would you plan for your class?
What is your favourite subject to teach and why?
How would you use assessment in your planning?
Why teaching?
How would you describe yourself as a teacher?
How would you like to be remembered?
Favourite subject?
Importance of evaluation of lessons?
Did college prepare you for teaching?
Favourite class level?
Role of parents in education?
what are the qualities in a good teacher?
what could you bring to our school?
how you would make sure you teach English, irish and maths correctly?
how would you make sure that  a childs and parents 1st day in junior infants were less traumatic?
could you bring any extra curricular activites to the school?


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