Hello guys!
I am enjoying my free time very much, although I don’t quite know what to do with it now that I am finished..so I have started my next project..getting ready for subbing! I completed the first step today, by ringing the teaching council, (Do they ever answer the phone?) I also printed off the registration paper work. It’ll take me a day alone to fill out the form!
Oh, I also got offered a job today! It is a job share in resource teaching for a year. I was very happy for all of two hours..until I realised you need a minimum of two years teaching experience!Oh well, it was nice to be asked!
I spent the evening organising resources by class for subbing. (Yes I do have a life- I am saving for a trip to London so I need to keep busy to stop myself spending my money on teacher supplies!)
Here’s a few photos of my study area/ store room! I give grinds / extra tuition during the week in this room so hence the brightly decorated walls! Print rich environment at its best!


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