Triail Tuisceana 2- My Quest to Find Irish Resources

October 6, 2014

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Hello everyone,
Following on from the success in the classroom with the previous Irish resource from Prim Ed, I tried this one out today:

Triail Tuisceana 2 , by Daire Mac Pháidín.

This book encompasses listening, comprehension and reading skills in Irish. It comprises of fifteen lessons on fun topics, such as the witch, the ghost, dracula, Santa, dragons, UFO’s and so on.
The first activity consists of a nice big picture of a witch for the children to colour. There is a reading comprehension of four or so paragraphs and seven questions based on the story. The Irish is wonderfully simple yet age appropriate. The next page has a grammar section, and a wordsearch.

There’s a vast amount of material in each unit. Based on the class I have at the moment, I think it could easily take four days to work through the unit. Very handy for subbing!

The stories also allow for many follow on activities. There is so much you could do with each passage.

Here is how I plan to use the book:

Day one: read the story together, I read the sentence first, then the children repeat after me, and so on until we finish the story. We translate it together.

Day two: The children take turns reading parts of the passage aloud. The children colour the witch. I will ask questions about their colouring, e.g. Cén dath é a bhroga?’ etc. We read the questions aloud and discuss possible answers. Children will complete questions 1-3.

Day three: read passage again. We will underline the verbs in the passage. We will then continue working on the questions.

Day four: Grammar in class and word search for homework.

That is just how I would approach it, there are 100 other ways you could use it! I am going to start using this book tomorrow because there are many passages which will tie in nicely with Halloween. I will put up pictures tomorrow of how we used this book. 



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