Signs of Teacher Fatigue..

April 20, 2016

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I don’t know about you teachers, but I have been feeling most wearisome and tired this week. I have never felt this tired, and I can’t fathom why it is. As Tom keeps reminding me, we are only back two weeks after our Easter break. So it is most unusual, however I am and here are some signs you may recognise if you are feeling like me!


  1. You cannot get up in the morning. I am usually a morning person and I bounce out of bed, but these days it’s just not happening. And then, to make it even worse, a five minute delay leaving the house can lead to it taking twenty minutes longer than usual to get to school!
  2. You are in bed by ten o clock each night.
  3. You are unreasonably emotional. Seeing a three legged dog in the park is enough to make you tearful. Or the thoughts of your sixth class leaving you soon makes you very sad indeed.
  4. You only half blow dry your hair because you just can’t be bothered, and you are left with one curly and one straight side of hair.
  5. Wearing heels to school are a thing of the past, even though your class are beginning to tower over you.
  6. You waste time writing posts like this instead of writing helpful information about maths or something worthwhile, because you are too tired to focus!
  7. You are fully convinced that your six hour day was far, far more tiring than your boyfriend’s 12 hour day. But no-one understands or has ANY sympathy! All we get is grief over our holidays.
  8. You are losing everything! Keys, pens, phone, all disappeared on me today!
  9. Your healthy eating regime goes out the window and you brave passing a notorious hang out area just to get a twirl to have with your tea.
  10. Dinners are becoming more and more a perfunctory affair.


Then, you get to school and have your lovely, enthusiastic and happy class waiting for you, you stop feeling sorry for yourself and you throw yourself into giving them the best education they deserve, because that is why we are teachers.

Yes, it can be tiring and stressful no doubt, but the interaction with the children is the absolute best part of our job, and when a child in my class played me my favourite song on the guitar today, all was well again in my world. In what other profession would you be treated to such a delight? Sometimes I look around my classroom and think just how lucky I am to have all these little people sitting so enthusiastically and willing to throw themselves into whatever it is we are doing. Then I feel thankful for enjoying teaching so much. I hope that never changes!


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