Christmas Themed Lesson Ideas

December 11, 2016

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Hello everyone!

How are we all? The time is almost here- only 8 and a half days! In the mean time, the concentration levels are dwindling rapidly and so we need lots of fun activities to keep our classes engaged! Here’s a few activities I hope to do with my class, time allowing.


Elf application letter.

I am thankful letter.

Christmas poetry

Christmas vocabulary and sentences

Procedural writing- making snowmen cookies and other Christmas treats!

Narrative: Christmas stories-    loads of lovely ideas here.


An Nollag, goes without saying really!


Geography: Christmas traditions around the world., exploring the north and south pole, winter weather etc.

History: Christmas traditions around the world, focusing on Ireland and contrasting Ireland with another country.

Religion: the story of Christmas, St Nicholas.

Art: I don’t even know where to begin- check pinterest for more ideas than you could ever use!

Science: Designing a warm and weather suitable outfit for Santa- exploring different materials. We also studied the life cycle of penguins and the habitat of polar bears in science over the past week.

Music/Drama; I am sure the Christmas play practices have most of you covered for this!

SPHE: the importance of giving, sharing and thinking of others at Christmas.

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