A Great Start to the New Year.

December 29, 2014

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Hello everyone!

I hope you all had a great Christmas. I know it is not over yet, but for those of us starting the dip, or worse, teaching practice after Christmas, then time is of the essence! I am in the extremely fortunate position of hopefully getting the dip done after Christmas.

I was offered a maternity leave two weeks ago. I consider myself so lucky to have been offered this position. Any non teachers reading this may not fully understand, yes it is not a permanent job for life which so many people still mistakenly believe teachers walk in to. However, as many of us sub teachers know, a maternity leave is like gold dust in this day and age. It is an opportunity to get that horrid dip done, it is a progression in our careers, a step forward.

I was very content subbing. I finished college in March 2014, and subbed almost every day since. I was in no terrible rush to get a job, as I was working every day anyway. People often speak negatively about subbing, but I found it exciting. It was such a great experience to see all different schools, and to meet new classes and children all the time. I don’t understand why it is shrouded in such negativity. Obviously if you are not getting sub work it is different, but if you are getting even three days a week then I don’t see a problem really. Anyways, I did apply for jobs sporadically. I was subbing and planning for subbing every day, so finding time for applying for jobs was difficult. I did apply for fifteen jobs since September, and I had four interviews.

Interview are horrendous. Some interview well, and some don’t. I am of the latter I am afraid. I just get so nervous! Anyway, I would be perfectly happy subbing away, then I would get a call to interview. I didn’t get the job in my first five interviews, and it just made me feel so annoyed. Interviews take up so much time and energy, and to just come out of it feeling bad and as though you let yourself down is not a pleasant feeling. I always felt interviews knocked my confidence.

My last interview was really close to Christmas. I had been at home that week, and was very relaxed. So I went into the interview with a different mind set. I didn’t learn answers or study the curriculum intensely. I just went in being myself, and I came out of it quite pleased. I still didn’t think I was successful though.

That night, I received the phone call. I saw the Dublin number on my phone, and I just thought it was a call for subbing. Anyway, I was offered the job, and it was the best feeling in the world, better even than passing my driving test first time, which to me was my biggest achievement to date!

I will be documenting my dip journey on my blog from now until June, so stay tuned! Also any advice from anyone who has completed the dip would be appreciated!

I hope 2015 brings lots of employment for all of us. 



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