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February 23, 2015

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Hello everyone,

Sorry for the lack of posts, my blog has been sorely neglected lately. I’ll try post more regularly, but the planning aspect of the DIP is keeping me very busy!

We were learning about African cultures for the past two weeks. I love this theme, there’s so many resources for it, it could easily last a month, but I tire of themes after a week!

Anyway, I would highly recommend this theme for 5th and 6th class.Here is what we covered in each subject.

English: comprehension stories based on Africa, diary entries based on children in Africa.

History: Myths and legends of Africa ( Anansi and the Turtle is a great one- loads of videos on you-tube for it)

Geography: We focused on Malawi. We learned about the natural environment and the human environment.

SPHE: We learned about poverty in Africa and global citizenship. There are LOADS of lesson plans, resources and activities on the Irish Aid website. A teacher in our school had been to Uganda with Irish Aid, and she came in to speak to the children about her time spent teaching in Uganda. This was great for the children. A first hand account made it seem all the more real to them.

Art: The children created African landscapes using pastels or paint. They also created African mudzi huts using clay, and African flags using paint.  I had three different art stations on the go for the lesson.

I used this book from Prim Ed for most of my lessons and worksheets:


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