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September 6, 2022

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I am really lucky this year. I have excellent programmes to follow for English, Irish and maths , with really good interactive materials and teachers manuals etc. I am delighted with these but I was finding it hard to fit in my thematic style of teaching to the books. I am still going to teach thematically, but I am finding it really hard to time wise! My theme this week is apples. I know it is a strange one for a theme but bear with me! Tom’s aunt has a beautiful big apple tree in her garden with loads of apples on it at the moment. I saw them and decided I had to bring it into my teaching some how! So I did some googling and brainstorming and found so many resources online for it. The only issue now is finding time to fit in these lessons with all the other work I have to do!

English- Read Johnny Appleseed, factual report on apples, procedural writing ( making apple crumble), facts about apples reading comprehension

Irish – not linking

Maths- we are doing number at the moment so it is really easy to link with apple themed worksheets

Science 1- Life cycle of the apple

Science 2- Senses- my apple feels, looks, tastes and sounds like..

Science 3- materials and change- making apple crumble

Art- apple crafts- I’ll set up four stations and four different art activities based on the theme of apples

Music -Way up High in an Apple Tree

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