Assessing and Probation

August 23, 2015

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Hello everyone,


This is a blog post for those lucky teachers starting their probation this September!

If you are doing the DIP, you will need three folders, one for your long term plans, one for short term plans and one for assessment.


Your assessment folder will need a section for each child in your class. You can divide the sections with dividers stating the child’s initials only.

In each section for each child, you will need to show the child’s formal assessment results from last year (i.e. Sigma/Micra/Drumcondra) , a sample of child’s work , observation notes, tests results etc.


Try include a variety of assessment methods for each child. I would highly recommend checklists. Print out a pile of them at the start of the year leaving the objectives section blank. You can fill it in as you go then. Checklists can be kept in their own section at the front of the folder, not in the individual sections. I scribbled down notes too as the children were working and put those in. When you put their tests and results in the folder, make a note on the test if the marks were out of the ordinary. If they were unusually low or high, make a comment as to how you will help the child going forward, will you have them do some extra work on that topic? Will you mention it to parents in PT meeting? Don’t just correct, make a note too.

Remember your assessment of and for learning!

I would usually include:

Formal test results *maths, tables and spelling tests

Teacher observation notes


Samples of learning logs


I am sure many other teachers used many more forms of assessment methods, but that is all I used and it sufficed.


Hope that helps, any more questions just contact me on Facebook or here 🙂






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