Assessment in an ASD Class Setting

November 18, 2021

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I will be holding a webinar on assessment in an ASD class on Monday the 22nd of November at 7 pm.

I held a webinar on planning in an ASD class last week and it was very well received. Several people requested a webinar on assessment so here it is!

The webinar will cover:

Initial assessments

Daily assessments

Assessment of learning in an ASD class

Assessment for learning in an ASD class

Assessment as learning in an ASD class

How assessment differs between mainstream and ASD, and how it is the same

ASD specific assessment methods

Importance of daily tracking in assessment

The assessment folder

Attendees will also receive a free assessment tracker specific to ASD classes ( 20 pages in length) Ideally you would print one off for each child and use it daily)

Attendees will also receive folder headings for the assessment folder, and a 100 page TEACCH resource.

Tickets are available to purchase here:

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