Back to School after Maternity Leave

February 19, 2019

0 minute read

So I am a week in, after being off for nine months! And it feels as though I had never left! Everyone said it would feel like that but I didn’t believe them. But it really does. People also told me the thought of returning would be worse than the actual reality- this was also true! Lara is happy with her child minder which is the  most important thing. When I know she’s happy, and just down the road I can relax and enjoy teaching. And I did miss it. I have my third class for the third year in a row and my fourth class for the second so I know them well which means I could just hit the ground running and not have to figure that out. The day flies by and I find I am relaxing more as the days go on. I was SO tired this weekend though! But we did have PT meetings and they always leave me exhausted.

I just find having everything ready to go helps me feel ready for the week. Luckily I got all my planning done back in December when Lara was having long naps during the day because it would be a struggle to get them done now at this stage! It is a huge weight off my mind knowing I have those ready; to get them into the actual folder is my next job! I have changed the classroom around a little too to make it feel like mine. Any teachers going back to school soon, don’t fret, it is actually not that bad!


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