Back to School Time for Substitute Teachers!

August 25, 2014

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Hi everyone,

I have had a lot of messages this week asking me about how to approach schools for subbing. I am new to this business too. It is my first September as a qualified teacher, but I will regurgitate the advice I have been given by others.

1. You can post, email or hand in CV’s. I will go to the schools close to me in person, others schools have my details from last terms, and others will be approached via email/post. It depends on where you are subbing, but if it is in a city , it would be hard to approach all schools in person.

2. As well as your standard CV, I would enclose the statutory declaration form, garda vetting and possibly a reference.

3. Regarding how far to travel for subbing, well that is a personal choice. I don’t mind driving a bit so I would commute within a two hour radius for subbing.

4. I hear subbing is quiet in September, so I would hand out CV’s/email/post at my leisure throughout the month. I think that’s fine as long as you have approached all the schools you are interested in by October.

5. Have your subkit ready to go!

I know it can be disheartening not having a job but think of the excitement of seeing new schools, meeting new students, seeing new ideas, it will all prove to make us better teachers![pb_builder]

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