Hi everyone,
I have been shopping again! I started my Christmas shopping early, and so decided to treat myself to a few books while I was at it. An odd treat for some, but there’s nothing I enjoy more than finding a big book 2nd hand for two euro!
The excitement as I entered the charity shop was palpable. What would I find? How much would I spend? Would I find a big book? I hurried into the sacred back room where they hold the books. I gave a brief hello to my friend who we shall call Bob, whose in charge of the books. He is well used to me now! 
I settled myself comfortably on the floor and began rifling through the boxes. I lost all track of time as I became lost in the magnificent world of books. Poor Bob approached me gingerly, asking could I leave as he needed to go on his lunch break. So I gathered my books and headed for the till. I had to make two trips because of all the books I picked out. I worried that I had gone way over budget and waited anxiously for the cashier to tot up the total. I held my breath as she announced.. ‘ten euro will be grand’. I easily had e100  worth of books in my hands. So if that’s not a bargain I don’t know what is!
Now I just need to find somewhere to store them!

Here’s a few photos of a selection of the books I bought.


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