Do’s and Don’ts of Teaching Practice.

November 27, 2013

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Here is a list I have put together of the do’s and don’ts of teaching practice. Enjoy!

1. Base your lesson plans solely on the curriculum documents! Make sure your lesson fits into a strand, strand unit and an objective. It’s so easy to find what seems to be a great lesson ( particularly in science!) on line, but it’s not much good to you if it is based on the American curriculum!

2. Try to display any work you do with the class on the walls. I did this and the inspector noted that the display was different each time she came. It gives you a chance to show off too! I also printed off photos of everything I did with them, e.g. science experiments and so on, and popped them into the resource folder. Just don’t have the children’s faces in them. It’s imperative to show off your work as much as possible to the inspector.

3. Have a rewards system in place! It need not cost a penny. It could be ten minutes on the computer, it could be choosing the warm up game in PE, the possibilities are endless.

3. Buy a puppet! My parrot Pierre comes with me to every classroom. Even the children in 6th were impressed!

4. It goes without saying..keep the folder in order! 

5. I also had a separate folder with worksheets and activities for early finishers. It’s not a requirement but I made sure the inspector saw it anyway. 

6. Help out. Do your bit in the school, and a bit extra. It might pay off when you go a knocking for subbing!

7. Try get some sleep. I was in bed by 11:30 each night. It’s just so tiring, staying up much later will simply wipe you out. 

8. Laminate! The laminating sheets are half price in Aldi at the moment. They are really cheap in Tesco too. It’s for your own good really. It preserves your resources and you can reuse them for years and years once you become a teacher!

9. Stock up on ink, paper, dividers, plastic pockets, a puncher, stapler, staples.. the list goes on!

10. ENJOY! Although it seems impossible when you’re stressed to the nines.. try and enjoy it, the children will respond more positively then too.

11. Do a volcano experiment in science! It can be done with every age group and it’s great great fun! 

12. Do pick Exploration as a theme. It is very exciting, and the resources online are endless.


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