Blogging Expenses for Tax Returns

September 15, 2018

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I remember when I started selling products off my site three or four years ago, I got absolutely roasted on an education website which I shall not name. I suppose when something is relatively new it is treated with distrust, or some people fear change? Anyway, luckily things have changed a lot in the past two years and now loads of teachers are sharing for free, and selling resources which I think is brilliant to see.

If you are selling, as I said in a previous post, every single euro has to be declared. And it is VERY heavily taxed if you are teaching full time too. Some would say it is not worth the time and trouble it takes but I disagree.

Here are some expenses you can declare to off set that big tax bill!

  1. A new laptop. If you bought a laptop to aid your work then you can declare that as expenses.
  2. A printer and Ink
  3. The monthly cost of WIFI
  4. The cost of clip art and fonts you use to make products
  5. Hosting fees for your website
  6. Accountant fees if you hire one
  7. Keep all receipts for money you spend on school supplies these also count as expenses.
  8. Facebook promotions
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