Hi everyone!

This post is a little different and not at all related to teaching but it may interest a small minority of you. It is all about cleaning! Yes, when I am not tending to Lara, or working on my blog or drinking tea in cafes, I am cleaning. I love it. It really gets to me when the house isn’t tidy. Having a three month old however means I don’t have the time I used to have to spend tidying up. I did dabble with a few cleaners but I was never satisfied with the end result, so I decided to work on small achievable cleaning tasks each day instead.

There are some jobs I do every day, and then I tend to take one room a day. Here’s an example:

Every day jobs:

Fill/empty dishwasher

wipe down counters and surfaces

Put everything back in its place

Bring washing upstairs and put away.

sweep/mop floors.

Then I divide cleaning tasks by days of the week.

Monday:Kitchen Day

Clean sink, counters, hob and hood.

Sweep and mop.

Clean out the fridge

Throw away all the fruit and vegetables I didn’t eat!

Wipe down cabinets

Tuesday-Sitting room

Polish dining room table,

Mop floors

Water plans

plump cushions

Wash and change throw on the couch.

day: Sitting Room



Wednesday- Bathrooms

Wipe and clean sink, mirrors and shower doors.

Clean toilets

Mop floors

Replace towels/toilet rolls/candles when necessary.

Empty bins

Thursday: Bedrooms

We have a three bedroom house, our room, a guest room and a spare room which we use to store Lara’s stuff in. So I really only have to tidy our bedroom.

I wash and dry the bedclothes

Fold and put away any clothes left out

Empty laundry basket


Wipe down and dust furniture


Friday: Stairs, Utility room, hall

Hoover stairs and hall

Empty bin in utility room

Clean out the washing machine drawer

Polish hallway table

Put away any items out of place.


I will be uploading a free checklist to this effect if anyone is interested!





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