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January 19, 2014

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Hello there,
Here are some dioramas we made in art this Friday. In keeping with our theme of ‘Travel and Transport’, we made garages. Some of the girls made a dream house instead. I put the children into groups of two. I mixed the infants in with 1st and 2nd class. The infants mostly cut and glued, but they still enjoyed it because they were working with 1st and 2nd class. I think some of these are very impressive, given the age of the children. There was one problem however, the lesson took two hours! It could have taken another two but I had to get them to finish up. I had only planned an hour for it, so if I was doing it again I would have it as two separate lessons. 
Here are the materials I used. A word of advice, start collecting now! Just do not throw anything out! These take a lot of materials, all recyclable though so it won’t cost a lot. 
  1.  shoe boxes
  2. toilet rolls
  3. egg cartons
  4. butter cartons
  5. bottle caps
  6. scraps of paper of different sizes
  7. old wall paper ( from 2nd hand shop)
  8. yogurt cartons
  9. buttons
  10. match boxes, perfume boxes etc, ( boxes of all different sizes) 

I showed the children samples of cardboard garages on line to give them an idea and off they went. They didn’t even copy the ones from the IWB in the end, theirs were completely and utterly unique. I just had to circulate and help with sticking sellotape etc. Luckily the SNA very kindly helped a lot, otherwise it would have been difficult to help everyone at the same time.

The garages now take pride of place in the classroom garage. Here are some pictures:

By Thomas, age 6

John and Joe, age 7

Carragh, Kathyrn, Adina and Gráinne, ages 7

The boys garages in the classroom garage

A dream house



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