Diary of a Master’s Student Part Three

July 31, 2020

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I have spent the last few months trudging through the lastest module in my master’s – learning all about applied behavioural analysis. I actually find it much easier to focus on the course during term time. In the summer I just want to switch off and relax, and studying isn’t conducive to that!

I did find it difficult to firstly, motivate myself and secondly find the time to study. Lara has stopped having naps during the day and that was my only window for working on my masters. I can never focus on it when Lara goes to bed because my concentration is just gone at that stage and the content is so complicated at times , there’s no way I can take it in after six! I was never one for working late in the evenings, morning always suits me best.

Anyway, I was falling seriously behind in my course work, until Lara’s lovely child minder saved my sanity by offering to take Lara once or twice a week. This made such a huge difference. Just having those few hours together meant I could plough through the course content and get up to date with forums and assignments.

My main assignment is due soon so I’ll have to have start working on that, but Tom is off next week so I should get a bit done then! It is just about finding chunks of time wherever you can.

Part of the reason I struggled to really apply myself to this module was because I am not a huge fan of ABA therapy. I did a CPD course on it during lockdown and now after studying it for the masters too I know it is just not a technique I would employ in my class. I would be so interested to hear the opinions of others on ABA if you would care to share!

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