Early Numeracy Pack.

June 17, 2013

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Early Numeracy Pack:

Hi everyone!

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. I have been up to my eyes with college assignments! I love working on projects on the side however,  when I have the time and this is my latest venture:

It is an Early Numeracy Pack. It is aimed mainly at children who will be starting school this September. The pack contains activities to support the curriculum strands ‘Early Mathematical Activities’ and ‘Number’. The activities in this pack are based on the Strand Units of Matching, Classifying, Ordering, and Comparing. The Strand Unit of Partitioning is also dealt with through these activities. The strand of Early Mathematical Activities will be the first strand your child will engage with come September, so it may be helpful to familiarise your child with these activities before starting school.

The pack contains the following:

  • ·         Picture Cards

  • ·         A number fan

  • ·         Flashcards of numbers 1-5

  • ·         Flashcards of teddies of various sizes to assist sorting and partitioning skills

  • ·          Dominoes

  • ·         A variety of different coloured shapes to classify, and different coloured counters to play with.

So many activities can be carried out using objects you have at home already however, without buying anything at all! Some of these objects are:

Buttons, lids (milk carton lids, jam jar lids, bottle lids) ice-cream sticks, and straws– anything that can be classified based on certain attributes, such as size, colour, shape, texture. So for example, if you have a wide variety of different sized and coloured lids, you could ask your child to group them based on certain criteria. It is best to let your child group them naturally, without being told how. You can guide your child by making suggestions, such as ‘Are they different colours? Which is the biggest? 

Many of these early mathematical activities can also be enforced through using educational apps on Ipads or tablets too, but I firmly believe that it is far preferable to have children working with hands on activities and concrete resources, as this also helps their fine motor skills.

I do however see the educational value of children using I-pads to a certain extent, so I will post a list of Apps which I find to be very helpful for enforcing the curriculum. : )


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