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September 16, 2014

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Hello everyone,

I recently received these Exploring Primary Art books from Prim Ed Publishing. I have many art books already, but because I do a lot of art camps and after school clubs, I decided I needed a few more. I like to try new projects all the time so I need many books! I have the lower, middle and upper primary books, which are for ages five-seven, eight- ten and eleven plus. As usual, Prim-Ed have delivered a book which is high in both quality and quantity. The books are glossy and and rich in colour and design. The books are highly functional, offering many templates, planning aids and lesson plans.

The Exploring Visual Art books begin with a useful section on ‘time saving tips’, which provides lots of useful and relevant advice, for example, it gives a brilliant tip on creating an ‘art equipment trolley’, which I am definitely going to do!

It gives a detailed ‘teachers notes’ section. The teachers notes section includes information on the duration of the project, the task, the materials, a step by step guide to the lesson and an evaluation section. It also gives a high quality photograph of the finished project. Best of all, each book comes with CD to project the image onto the whiteboard. This will be so helpful to show the children what the finished project may look like.

The books also contain a sample assessment checklist, and a blank student assessment sheet which can be photocopied. A ‘looking at art’ template is also included, and ‘elements of art’ labels. There are adorable reward ribbon templates which can be photocopied, laminated, cut out and pinned to the children’s work.

My favourite feature of these books is the ‘early finisher art activity cards’. It is the first time I have seen these included in an art book and it is such a great idea! I am going to laminate them, cut them out and add them to my sub folder.

The books are available from the Prim Ed Publishing website:


Here are some photos to illustrate the review:


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