Interview Tips!

April 24, 2021

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  1. Be ready – start preparing before any interviews are advertised. Then when the time comes you won’t be as nervous because you’ll be so well prepared! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!
  2. Put time into your application form. It’s what will get you an interview so give it the time it deserves. The space is limited so make sure every word counts.
  3. Try to be up to date on all educational matters from the past couple of years- the new language curriculum, special education, fundamental movement skills, covid, ICT etc
  4. Think of one interest you have which is unique to you. I’m sure every application reads ‘interest in music , art and GAA’ which is all very well and good but try think outside the box- something more unusual!
  5. Research the school’s policies and initiatives they have taken part in, it’ll give you a great insight into the school’s philosophy.
  6. Be confident and self assured- you are qualified and able for this job!
  7. Always speak from experience and use examples of real life experiences in your answers
  8. Smile and be relaxed and confident!
  9. Keep a notebook or a file on your phone and scribble down anything you see online or on Instagram which could be helpful, e.g questions others have been asked in interview, topical issues etc.
  10. Be aware of the different ethos’s in catholic, educate together and community schools.
    Link to my interview book here:

    This is a link to my sister’s website, she is a principal and offers interview coaching. She has excellent testimonials if you want to have a look. She also has an Instagram page where she shares lots of advice!
8856f609 52b7 447e ad1f 3fbedc8ce263
8856f609 52b7 447e ad1f 3fbedc8ce263

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