Gaeilge sa Rang

April 17, 2014

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Dia Daoibh!
I love Irish, well I love teaching Irish, there is a big difference. I never liked Irish in secondary school, and only stuck with higher level because I needed it for teaching. I do however love speaking Irish. I immersed myself 100% in speaking Irish when trying to get into Hibernia and through the Irish interview. Since then I just stuck with it and my love of the language grew. I still detest Irish grammar but as long as you can speak it to a reasonable level I think it’s sufficient.

Irish is one of my favourite subjects to teach. I don’t know why but I just love teaching it. Children probably shudder when they see me coming because I spend the whole morning teaching Irish! I just think between the games, dramai, songs and lessons, there’s just so much to do! Now my written lesson plans were far from perfect, but I delivered the lessons well and that’s what matters.

I have been working on my ‘Gaeilge’ folder since finishing TP. I am working on creating a photostory digital resource for each theme at each class level. I have already completed some which I use subbing. I am also working on making up my own Irish games to play with the children.  It’s actually really fun!

It goes without saying that I try to use the old gaeilge néamhfhoirmiuil throughout the day, for which I use the following book:

I also bought this book for TP2 and used it a lot with the senior classes. It’s useful for ‘inspector’ lessons when you can’t use the textbook :


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