Hello everyone, 
Triona (my sister) and I coordinated our annual Halloween Camp today. It was really fun and very spooky! Thank you to everyone who attended. The age group was quite young, with the eldest being only eight years old, so we kept the art nice and simple. Here’s a list of what we did. We were very busy!
We made witches. We had a competition to see who could make the ugliest witch. After the witches we melted chocolate and had chocolate marshmallows. They were delicious! Next we did more art, our Frankensteins! The children were so neat and careful with their art work, they did a great job as you can see! 
We had a little break then, before making chocolate bats! Triona bought the mold for the bats in Aldi. While waiting for these to cool, we made our scary spiders. Again the children displayed brilliant cutting skills, most impressive for the average age of five or so. 
We made a delicious cake. Next we played lots of Halloween party games, and then…. we had a party! 
Last of all, we did face painting, so we had lots of scary witches and ghosts going home! Everyone got a present of a Winnie the Witch book.


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