Thematic Units by Valerie King

November 5, 2014

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Hello everyone,

I am still receiving inquires pertaining to the units I have for sale. I will just write a short post explaining what they are about. Basically, I choose a theme I am interested in, and I write lesson plans and create resources based on that theme. I also provide links to resources available online. They are suited to teachers on teaching practice, or teachers doing the ‘dip’, or just teachers looking for inspiration.

There are mini units , standard and bumpers units for sale. The mini units contain fifteen lessons, the standard has 20 plans plus resources, and the bumper units have 30-40 lessons and resources. The units are based on junior infants- second (inclusive of all classes) and (4th -6th). So you may need to differentiate up or down depending on your class. The standard unit contains 6 English plans, 5 maths plans, and one of each of the SESE subjects and Arts subjects, plus SPHE.

The list of units currently available are posted on my facebook page and include:

Space ( 4th-6th) Country Study: Africa (4th-6th)
Communications and the Media ( 4th-6th)
Environment Studies (4th-6th)
The Rainforest – general for all classes

 Pirates (JI-2nd)
The Farm (JI-2nd) (bumper pack)
Transport (JI-2nd)(bumper pack)
Toys (JI-2nd)
The Seaside (JI-2nd)
Explorers- bumper pack-all classes (except 3rd)

Payment wise, all I need is your email address. Once I receive it, I send the payment request to your email. It brings you to the payment page, where you just tick if the amount is correct and proceed from there. Usually I am able to send the plans on straight away, but sometimes it takes a day or two if it is very busy.

The next units will be on the Titanic and Christmas. If there’s any units you are particularly interested in just comment underneath.

If you have any more questions just ask below in the comment section.



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