Halloween Games

October 30, 2013

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Halloween is almost upon us!Here is a list of Halloween games Triona and I played with the children during our Halloween camps. Here is a list of the top five games the children enjoyed most.

1. Top of the list would have to be the game Mummy Wrap. All you need for this game is a packet of toilet rolls. We put the children into pairs. We gave each group a toilet roll. Each group had to work in pairs to see who could make the best mummy. One child stands still while the other child wraps him/her in the toilet roll. Great fun! The winner is the best wrapped mummy!
2. Pass the Pumpkin Pail.
This game went down well with the younger children. We filled a pumpkin pail ( 2 euro shop) with sweets. The children sat in a large circle. The aim of the game is to pass the pail from person to person while the music is playing. When the music pauses, whoever is holding the pail gets to take a sweet. A simple game but very effective.
3. Spagetti Brains :
We didn’t actually get around to playing this game unfortunately but it’s a good one. You need:
A large bowl or basin of cooked spagetti
3 ping pong balls, 2 balls saying treat, and 1 saying trick. The children take turns plunging their hands into the spagetti, which represents brains. They close their eyes and pick a ball. If they pick a ball saying treat, they get a sweet. If they get a ball saying trick, they must perform a silly dare, for example, do 5 jumping jacks. 
4.  Pin the Wart.
For this game you just need a cardboard cut out of a witch, or even just a hanging decoration of a witch. We drew things like a wart, a cat, a pair of glasses,a pair of shoes, a broom and soon. The children wear a blindfold and pin the objects on to the witch, e.g. put the wart on her nose.
5. Guess the Ghost:
This is another circle game. The children sit in a circle while music plays. One child is picked to be ‘on’. The child who is on wears a blindfold and walks around the circle tapping each child on the head. When the music stops, whoever the child’s hand lies on, must make a sound like a ghost. The child wearing the blindfold then has to guess who they landed on. 


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