Happy New Year Readers!

January 2, 2014

0 minute read

Hello there,
I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! It is still hard for me to believe that my little blog has actual real readers! For months I suspected my sisters of constantly refreshing the page just to give me views, but after all the lovely messages I have received from real readers, I now realise this is not the case! Sorry Elaine, Karen and Triona for suspecting you! It is so rewarding to receive feedback, so thanks again. Hopefully the new year will bring lots of jobs for all my classmates and fellow teachers.

One of my 1000 new years resolutions was to start a teaching practice diary on my blog. I remember Hellie from Anseo a Mhúinteoir had a diary on her blog and I found it fascinating. I doubt many will be interested in my teaching practice rants however, but I will give it a go sure! My final ever teaching practice starts on the 13th of January so I will keep you updated!



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