Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options for Busy Teachers

April 6, 2015

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Healthy Breakfast and Lunch Options for Busy Teachers
Hello everyone,
This is something a little different, and perhaps a little frivolous for an educational blog, but I think it is quite relevant in a sense! As we know, we don’t get an hour long lunch break, and a 15 minute tea break during our working day. It may be a shorter day than in other professions, but it is an intense, action packed and full on shorter day I think you’ll agree.  Also, depending on where you live, you may have to leave very early in the morning to avoid traffic, as I do. I never have time to eat at home in the mornings so I have to have my breakfast in school.  So in reality, my day in school starts at eight, and finishes between 3:30 and 4:00 depending on the day.  So, as a result I need to have lots of food in school with me to get me through the day. When I started the DIP back in January, I was just living off sweets. It was so unhealthy, but I felt I deserved all the fruit pastilles I could eat. I was on a slippery slope. I even had to do away with the treat basket I had in school for the children. 
So, a few weeks ago I decided to try be a good example and eat healthily in school! Here are some quick and easy breakfast and lunch options for school:
Overnight Oats: 30 grams of oats, organic Glenisk yogurt, and fruit layered in a mason jar. Delicious!
Small Break:
Fruit salad and yogurt
A mini chocolate bar
Chicken and salad wrap,
Fruit and Glenisk organic yogurt (Yes I eat A LOT of yogurt and fruit)
Low fat crisps (because you can’t have a sandwich without crisps!)
Salad of some sort (never satisfies me personally)
These are quick lunches for us to wolf down on our 25 minute lunch 🙂


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