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May 4, 2014

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Hello there,
This is a post explaining home tuition and exactly what it involves. Throughout the school year, I work with a number of children on literacy and numeracy skills. I work with a variety of ages, from six to twelve years old. The main areas I focus on are phonics, reading fluency and early numeracy for younger students, and maths and reading comprehension for the older classes. I usually go to the children’s home, as I find they are more confident and work better in their own homes. I build the lessons around the children’s needs generally, but here are the main areas I focus on:
understanding early numeracy, partitioning, etc. ( junior classes)
long division/ multiplication
word problems.
preparing for 1st year curriculum.

Phonics, blends and digraphs (junior classes)
Reading fluency,
developing independent reading
comprehension skills
cloze reading skills
reading with meaning skills
7 genres of writing
 preparing for 1st year curriculum

Again, this is just a sample of what I teach. I always focus the lessons on the children’s individual needs.
I usually take a break during the summer months but this year I am going to continue doing home tutoring throughout the summer months. Also, because I am not restricted time wise as I won’t be in school, I will be giving lessons for half the school term price!



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