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Upon posting a post this week about the resources I use, I had queries relating to how to use resources during TP, and what exactly constitutes a ‘resource’. A resource is anything which helps you to teach, anything you use to aid the teaching of a lesson. In this blog post I will go through each subject and the resources you could use for each ones, to have the best, most active lessons possible! I will only mention the resources I have used as I know these work and are enjoyed by the children. There are however hundreds of other ideas and resources you could use!

Maths: Maths games are a great resource. I always began maths with a game. I used target boards, number fans and loop games mainly. I would play them for ten minutes at the start of the lesson. As far as I know the game doesn’t have to relate to the strand you are teaching. If you are teaching money, have a shop- that’s a resources. If you are teaching measures, then scales, cubes, measuring tape, wool,rulers, jugs etc would alll be your resources for the lesson. A maths trail would too be a resource.

Irish: My main resources for Irish were on-line games and power-point stories but I also used flashcards at the beginning of EVERY lesson to drill the new vocabulary. A toy shop would be a good resource, or a restaurant set up, a cardboard tv etc. I certainly wouldn’t be teaching Irish in front of an inspector without some element of a ‘dramaí’ in it.

English: The resources for English are endless. Oral language games, reading cushions, leaflets, brochures, invitations, magazines ( for the older classes), old books, newspapers, postcards, the list is endless. I set up a writer’s corner on TP where I had a table with a variety of writing paper, stationery, pencils, stamps etc. A picture of it and an explanation went into my resource folder so the inspector would know about it. 😉

SESE:  I generally used power-points a lot for SESE, and worksheets. I used leaflets from the tourist office for geography with the senior classes. I used the website ‘Ask About Ireland’ for history, and cut outs from the paper about Ireland long ago. Science is a whole other story with a whole box of resources, which I used to just photograph and put in my resource folder.

SPHE: Again, I used power-points mainly in SPHE and puppets.

Religion: I relied on the Usborne’s Children’s Bible and videos from Youtube for Religion.

Puppets of course were my main resource! I used them for almost all subjects!



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