Roundstone Easter Camp 2014

April 19, 2014

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Hello everyone,
I hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. My sister and I did the camp this morning, and that was it, taking the rest of the weekend off! The camp went very well, thank you to everyone who attended. It was so nice to see all our usual campers, and lots of visitors too from all over Ireland!
Here’s an outline of what we did today:
We made Easter eggs using Easter egg moulds:

 We made our Easter craft. We used coloured card, lollipop sticks, yellow crepe paper, white card , glue and hay.

 We also made decorative Easter eggs using crepe paper, cardboard, ribbons and stickers.

 Our Easter egg moulds tasted delicious!

 Here are our decorative Easter eggs:

 We had a mini Easter egg hunt!

 We made Easter cards:

We also made a chocolate and marshmallow Easter cake but it was eaten before I could photograph it!
Happy Easter!


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