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May 3, 2023

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Interview season is upon us again. There’s lots of posts being advertised at the moment which is a good sign. I will be interviewing myself again this summer. I left my permanent job last year and took a fixed term contract closer to home. The most commonly asked question I receive is about my leaving of a permanent job. So many people are in a post which may not suit them due to a commute, family reasons, or it just may not be the right fit. My answer to these questions is always the same. I loved my last school and was very happy there, but leaving it was the best decision I ever made for my family and myself in general. I am so happy in my new school. I no longer have a stressful commute, I can walk to school, and I just feel its the right school for me. Life is too short to work somewhere if you are not 100% happy there. The fact that I am no longer permanent doesn’t bother me in the slightest, I would happily work on fixed term contracts for the rest of my teaching days once I am happy. So my first piece of advice is to just take that leap of faith! If leaving your job is on your mind, then there’s normally a reason. The one thing I am not over the moon about however is interviewing again!

Here’s a few tips if you are in the same position!

Put time into your application form. It’s what will get you an interview so give it the time it deserves. The space is limited so make sure every word counts. The word count is very limited but try not to go too far over it. Bullet points will help you keep on track.

Try to be up to date on all educational matters from the past couple of years- the new language curriculum and the new maths curriculum in particular.

Research the school’s policies and initiatives they have taken part in, it’ll give you a great insight into the school’s philosophy. Try to then link your experience with something the school is interested in.

Be confident and self assured- you are qualified and able for this job!Always speak from experience and use examples of real life experiences in your answers. Using real life examples in your answers shows you have experience and the necessary knowledge of how to react in certain situations. Draw on experiences from placement, subbing etc.

Smile and be relaxed and confident!

Keep a notebook or a file on your phone and scribble down anything you see online or on Instagram which could be helpful, e.g questions others have been asked in interview, topical issues etc. There’s so many excellent pages sharing advice online and on Instagram, if you see something that you feel is relevant to you, then take note of it.

My interview book is available to purchase from and is only 14.70 for a hard copy! I always think it is nice to have a hard copy of an interview book so you can highlight sections, make notes etc. There’s two sections in the book. The first part is all the theory and information for interviews, then the second part is a reflective notebook, where you relate all that information to your own unique experience. The feedback and reviews on the Interview Guide for Primary Teachers has been overwhelmingly positive, with people finding the sample questions in English and Irish very helpful, and the workbook section too!

Table of Contents

The Standard Application Form

Curriculum Vitae

The Letter of Application

List of Questions

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions English

Answers to Commonly Asked Questions Gaeilge

Standard Application Form Buzz words and Verbs

First Impressions

Research the School

What to (And Not To) Wear – Interview Attire

Questions you may want to ask the Interviewer

Interviews with Principals

Checklist: Are you Ready?

Principalship Interview Questions

Sample Criteria

Workbook Table of Contents:

My Top Six Qualities

Four Achievements I am Proud Of

Four Reasons Why this School Needs Me

My Teacher Traits

Buzzwords to Remember

What Schools are Looking For

Adjectives and Traits which describe you

Researching School Website

Teaching Philosophy

My CPD Record

Technology and Me

Technology Buzzwords

My Classroom

Interview Tips

Weekly Planner Template

My Notes Template

Important to Do template


The new sections are:

Re-interviewing in your current school

Interviewing in an Educate Together

Interviewing for an ASD Class/Special School

Interviewing for Posts of Responsibility

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