July Provision

April 23, 2014

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Hello everyone!
Thanks for your suggestions on Facebook today. One of the suggestions was a post on July Provision so here it is. I have been researching it myself lately because I was considering doing it.

Definition of July Provision:
July provision is a scheme available to children with autistic spectrum disorders and severe to profound learning disabilities. The scheme operates in two ways, home based provision and school based provision.
Where July provision operates in schools, the school will inform you of details of the scheme and dates each year. Home based July provision is provided for children where the school does not operate a scheme or where the child is of pre-school age in which case, parents must apply annually to the Department of Education for funding (See Department of Education Guidelines on payment)
One fact I unearthed about JP was,as you will get paid in November, you will be taxed on what you earn in November, rather than what you earn in July. As a sub teacher I find this unfair, as my income for July would be very little, whereas in November I could be working or subbing a lot and hence you get taxed at a much higher rate. I am sure it would still be worth it, however. I have heard from others who have done it and they really enjoyed it and said it was really handy to get a lump sum before Christmas.  Also, the experience would be invaluable, and it would be very rewarding too.

There is a ‘FAQ’ section on the department’s website which is very accessible and answered a lot of my questions.

. The rate of pay last summer was E31.92 if you are qualified and 26.91 was the unqualified rate. I am not sure about this summer but I presume it’s the same. The form can be downloaded from the Department of Education website, and ‘Rollercoaster’ is where a lot of teachers advertise their availability.You will need up to date garda vetting and a statutory declaration form. There is a section on the form where you need to include proposed activities which you will complete with the child so have a few ideas in mind, such as jigsaws, play dough,day trips, working on social skills etc. The form looks very complicated, I detest form filling : (

July Provision Activities:
Needless to say it depends on the age of the child and their needs, but here are a few general activities you could do with a child during the summer.
Day trips- library, park, post office.
Gentle sports- trampoling, tennis, badminton
Computer/tablet work
work on fine motor skills
Maths/SESE trails- these could take place in the garden, at a local park etc.
Reading/ writing postcards, letters.

I think a balance of academic and social activities would be best,personally.  If you have any more activities or ideas based on July Provision please feel free to add them to the comments section. Sharing is caring![pb_builder]

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