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January 11, 2014

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Hi everyone,
Here is a list of some games I found on-line ( TES website) while searching for fun transitions between games. I think these games could work quite well. 

Selling freezers to Eskimos: A fun way to talk about objects, a game that can be played in pairs, groups, or as a whole class. Give a picture of something to a child and challenge him to “sell” it to the class, telling them why they really, really need it.

Ghosts : go around the class or get them to gently throw soft ball to the next person . Each must add one word to make a sensible sentence anyone who cannot add another word loses a life . Lose 3 lives and you are a ghost . You can also challenge the person before if you think their answer does not make sense in that case they lose a life, but if they can justify it then they don’t lose a life.

Spelling Shuffle …….. teacher says letters in a word at random . class must guess word e.g. hiearc

Assorted Activities Box: Herbert Kohl, in his book, On Becoming a Teacher, says that he keeps in class an old salesman’s briefcase which he keeps filled with anything that might interest the children – newspaper clippings, photos, magnifying glasses. Other suggestions might include (harmless) electronic or engineering parts, art materials, magic tricks, puzzles and jokes, menus and recipes and material samples – anything you can catch their curiosity with!

* Musical chairs: As with the favourite party game – the ring of chairs for the chn to dance around; sit down at the signal; take one chair away each round so that there is one person out each time and an eventual winner. But, to use it as a learning/drilling game, choose one teaching point and have the children sit down when you say it. Here are some examples:

English: Say random letters; children sit down when you say a vowel.

Maths: say numbers; children sit down when you say an odd number / a multiple of 3/4/7, etc.

Other subjects: say random words; children sit down when you say one from a selected topic.

Guessing the word:

Can be done in pairs, trios, groups or as a class. Very useful for revising vocabulary. There are a number of ways to do this:

Mime the word.

Gapfill (“I go to the restaurant because I’m feeling __________”.

Describe the word.

* Blackboard Quiz: Write the words you want to revise on the board. Split the class into teams. Read out definitions for the words one at a time, and give a point

to the team whose member guesses the word.

The students could review the vocabulary, choose words they are having trouble with and write them up for a blackboard race.

* Knock their teeth out! You need a big list of questions about the book you are using (or a good imagination to come up with some). The possibilities are endless regarding what you use for questions. So here’s the fun part: Draw two big mouths on the whiteboard, giving each about 8 teeth. If you have a girl team and a boy team, give one some nice lips. Ask individual team members questions. If they get it RIGHT, you erase one tooth from the OPPONENTS mouth. It gives the impression they are knocking out the teeth of the other team. This game is basically Hangman applied to reviewing; and why not?


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